Yeshua – The Deliverer And Savior Of The World

Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus, the central figure of the messianic faith. The name Yeshua means “salvation” or “deliverance” in Hebrew, and it is the name that Jesus would have been called by his family and friends during his lifetime.

In the New Testament, Jesus is referred to by several different names and titles, including Christ, Son of God, and Messiah. However, the name Yeshua is not used in the New Testament, as it was written in Greek and the name Jesus (Iesous in Greek) was used instead.

Today, the name Yeshua is often used by Messianic Jews and other Christians who want to emphasize the Jewish roots of their faith. It is also used by some people who believe that the name Jesus has been corrupted over time and that Yeshua is a more accurate representation of the original Hebrew name.

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