My Partner Snores So Loud I Can’t Sleep – Tips And Ideas That Can Help If Your Partner Snores

Sleep is very important for our health and wellbeing. Being well rested increases our productivity since our mind is better able to focus.

My Partner Snores So Loud I Can’t Sleep – Tips And Ideas That Can Help If Your Partner Snores

So, what happens if you are not getting enough sleep and feel sleep deprived because you have a spouse or partner who snores loudly at night and you need help in managing the situation?

Well, below are a few helpful tips and ideas you can try to do to make the situation better.

What you can do:

– Let your partner know that you love them, you don’t judge them and you care about them.

– Use ear plugs while sleeping so you don’t hear your partner’s snoring.

– Try using ear seals while sleeping.

– Change your partner’s positions while they are sleeping.

– Use a white noise machine in the room you are sleeping in.

– Wear a sleep mask.

– Try using a box fan machine on the highest setting.

– Use Airpods and music to help you sleep.

What your partner can do:

– If your spouse is overweight, support them to lose weight and encourage them to exercise since being overweight can be a cause of snoring.

– Encourage your spouse to see a pulmonologist so she/he can get a sleep study done. Your spouse might be suffering from sleep apnea and a CPAP/BIPAP machine used to manage sleep apnea might be helpful.

– Get your spouse to use nose strips.

– Advice your spouse to avoid eating carbs before bedtime and eating so late at night before sleeping.

What you both can do:

– Try sleeping in different rooms during some nights but spend as much time as possible with each other before going to bed.

Hopefully the tips and ideas provided above will help you and your partner to have a good night’s sleep and be well rested.

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